Where do you get your advice from?

Nowadays, placing your hard earned dollars in any income producing asset requires sound financial judgement on the part of buyers. 

Buyer Beware is important at all times,but especially when money is hard to come by.

This is especially true in the area of real estate or property investments.

That is why it comes as a surprise to the writer that PropertyInvesting.com has blocked his access to their property forum website.   Being the founder of the website MyPropertyCoach.com.au, and with over 25 years practical experience, the writer considers himself a professional real estate investment coach. As such, the writer has effectively helped hundreds of others realise financial freedom with his leadership skills and knowledge on strategic property investments.

Being an advocate for property purchasers to seek a licensed financial advisor who is not related to the transaction as the first step of investing in property. The writer decries how the site allows specific advice from licensed advisers who are members of the site, yet this advice is given outside the framework of the Financial Services Legislation.

To be honest it was anazing and shocking at how people who come in with little or no knowledge were taking advice willingly from an avatar and a name like bigcruze, etc."

This is the exact reason why we launched the website mypropertycoach.com.au.to provide education and coaching by industry specialists on a 1 on 1 basis.

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