Exclusive 12-Part Series: Empower Your Social Network with Virtual Organization Management

Exclusive 12-Part Series:  Empower Your Social Network with Virtual Organization Management 
Daily:   Monday through Friday (except  holidays)
8 am - 10 am EST (Eastern Standard Time)
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Prof. Pierre Coupet
Founder, CEO & Q of Virtual Organization Management
Virtual Organization Management Institute


If you are not getting the sort of results you expect from your current social network strategy or you're just tired of participating in a lot of useless chatter, then it's time to learn how to Virtual Organize and make effective use of your social network.
If you are currently a member of an awesome and very vibrant social network filled with plenty of interesting personalities,  then it's time for you to learn how to leverage the tremendous power and potential of your social network to your individual and/or collective benefit.

If you are a member of Google+*, then this event is definitely a must-attend for you!  You'll be very excited to learn how to virtual organize your Google Circles in order to take full advantage of what Virtual Organize + Google Circles* has to offer to social media beginners, professionals, and gurus alike.  
Whether you are a group owner, creator, or owner of a vibrant social network looking to exponentially increase the true value of your network for lucrative corporate sponsorship purposes,   or  you are just dealing with the age-old and elusive question of "how to turn a static social network into a Dynamic, Vibrant and Highly Effective network",    or just an individual member of a social network looking to make and obtain results from Meaningful connections, YOU WILL come away with a new feeling of liberation and REAL self-empowerment. 
Make a change now to obtain the results you seek.   Register now for this very convenient, affordable, and worthwhile social videoconference event.  


About Presenter


Prof. Pierre Coupet: Prof. Pierre Coupet is the Founder, CEO & Q of Virtual Organization Management at Virtual Organization Management Institute (VOMI); is also the founder of the modern virtual organization management discipline pioneered since 1997; and has over 35 years of diversified professional and executive management experience.  He is also the founder of VOMI Virtual Organization Academy, the world's leading and only virtual organization sabbatical destination for corporate executives and faculty members who seek to immerse themselves and experience life in a 100% virtual environment and virtual organization for a limited period of time.   
In addition, he currently heads Virtual Organization Recruiter, the world's leading and only virtual organization recruitment firm strictly focused on the assessment, certification and recruitment of senior and executive level professionals who are able to adapt and thrive - and Lead - in a 100% virtual or virtual organization environment.  
He is the author of numerous publications on Virtual Organization Management and social networks and is featured on most of the leading social networks.


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