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Advertising Ideas – How to create better Banners

Banner ads brought with them a new era in efficient and easy way to use web based online marketing.
Companies suddenly had a new alternative that was efficient enough to take television advertising head on and yet was quite affordable. Because of the cheap and effective nature of banner advertising, it was an instant hit. From websites to email footers, banner ads were seen everywhere.
With banner ads and online advertising the business world has received a bigger and better promotion platform than ever before.
To develop stylish banner ads that effectively promote your business is a science in itself.
To gain a few valuable advertising techniques and ideas check out the tips mentioned below for winning banner design ideas.

Better Advertising = More Sales

* ‘Click Here‘ – The usage of words like ‘Click here’, ‘Enter’ and ‘Ok’ is a  really important element of designing  a banner ad. The usage of these action type words seems mundane and nothing new but it has been proven time and time again through research that these call to action worlds act like a subconscious stimuli and increase the chances of a banner to be clicked.
Animate! – For a banner, there is nothing like an animation to catch the viewers attention.its An animated banner demands attention and creates interest. Animated banners are also useful as they complement the design of a website. Consider your audience and what you are offering and consider how the animation ads to your message.
Don’t over do It! Care should be taken, to keep the banner animation to a level that doesn’t allow it to take over the message trying to be delivered. The content will be what you want remembered not how many twirls the text did, unless of course the twirls relate to your product or service.
Whilst there are no hard and fast rules about how much animation should be on a banner keep in mind the layout of your website and ultimately what  looks good and still remains small in size for website loading.
Remember, A lot of animation means a lot of images, sounds or other multimedia objects; all this makes a banner bulkier in size and thus increases the time taken by the banner to load on a computer.

* Size – For a banner, many say size does matter.

Whilst a major priority should be to make banners which are able to load quickly and effectively. Ideally, a banner is an Advertisement and Ads are meant to SELL! –
Whether it be a product, a service, an idea or a concept ask yourself, What do I want The Person To Do After Seeing The Banner? followed by the question-
Why Will People Do It?

* Headlines

Forget sizes and animation for a second as The HEADLINE in a banner is one of the most important things that not only attract the visitors. it needs to spark an emotion or a response from the viewer.
A good looking banner alone is nothing more than Creative Design and is not enough to attract viewers who may need or want your product or service.
Most users do not have or give enough time to admire the beauty or creative genius of a banner and certainly do not care to read through drawn out content and irrelevant information.
Well Planned Banner Heading helps the users to know the content of a banner in a single look. If you are giving a service or product that is free, one of the best words to use as a heading in your banner is the word ‘FREE’.
People love a bargain and therefore The word ‘FREE’, when partnered with a real value type of offer , almost immediately guarantees exponential click through rates.
* Blue – The inclusion of blue underlined texts and blue borders have spelled wonders for banners.
We have been programmed that a blue underlined text or a blue border is immediately identified as a hyperlink and thus leaves no doubt in the mind of a user that the banner will genuinely take them to a legitimate safe website.
If your product or service is new and you are not a renowned website, the Inclusion of the website name on the banner has shown to provide a level of comfort in people concerned about spamming and things like key logging etc.
* Change – If you have not changed your banner ads for a long time, it’s like a two month old newspaper – Old News!
Regular updating and changing of banner ads should be part of your advertising and marketing strategy.
By using analytics you can make small changes that make a large difference whilst the campaign is in progress.
Things to consider are like “Is one size getting more clicks than another?” 
or ” Is having the website name making a difference or could this space be used for another Call To Action
Finally, Remember  to look after your loyal viewers as well – Frequent and loyal visitors get used to seeing the same old banners and after say, third time of continuous viewing of the same banner, learn to ignore it
I hope you enjoyed these few little advertising tips and banner guidelines and that they help you to start creating banners that work more effectively and efficiently.
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