Pros and Cons of Flash Ads
August 13, 2014 by Antonio Sawlwin

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If you are a regular internet user or a casual web surfer you might have noticed an array of banner ads with different designs and varied interfaces. If we keep the technicalities aside, banner ads available on internet are basically of two types namely, image based and Flash based. Here, we will discuss the various pros and cons of choosing a Flash based banner advertisement.


* Visual Appeal: A Flash based banner ad has a high visual appeal. They can be made to do transitions, change over’s, have rollover effects etc. All this is nearly impossible with a normal image based banner ad, unless some high level language scripting methods are used. For example, to play a Tetris game, a visitor is more likely to click a Tetris animation styled banner ad then just an image of Tetris game saying ‘Play Tetris’. Research has showed that people are much more likely to click on a flash based advertisement then a plain banner.

Better interface: A Flash based banner interface can be a mesmerizing treat. Flash based banner ads are more than capable to create animation like changing text styles, changing images, mouse rollovers, image effects etc. With its easy to use and easy to make capabilities, a Flash based banner Ad takes the definition of an interface to new heights.

Interactivity: This is one area where Flash based banner ads excel. With flash, banners can be made to have inputs and commands from users and act with appropriate responses. Flash based applications redefine interactivity and flash based banner ads do exactly that. For example a Flash based banner ad can be made to look like a calculator to calculate the EMI of a car and when a user click on the ‘OK’ button, he could be directed to the website that provides easy car loans.

 Many  more Possibilities

 Flash based banner ads have opened up a sea of opportunities for advertisers.

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Flash based banners can be called the true competitors of television based advertising. With flash based advertising, one can even play videos in a banner! Add to that the interactivity of choosing the desired video to be watched and you have a sure visitor.


* Requirement: One of the biggest negatives of a flash based banner ad is it inability to be used on a computer that does not have adobe flash player plug-in installed. This requirement is easy handled by the petite size of the install, doing this is automatically prompted by the browser.
* Bulky: Flash banners are bulky; or at least the ones that are high on interactivity and have a rich interface. Due to the images and animation used in it, a flash banner becomes bigger in size and takes more time to load then plain banners. When a flash banner is being made, images used in it should be optimized so as to keep the size of the flash banner to the minimum.

* Annoying:  Flash Banners can be flashy and claim attention from visitors. Many people, because of various reasons frown upon Flash based ads. Some claim that such ads prevent them from concentrating on the website’s content and hence they switch off flash content in their web browsers or try to visit websites that do not have flash based banner ads.

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